Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9 - already?

I'd like to start off by saying that even though I had my "Screw the Scale" post not too long ago, I did decide that since I am blogging this 30 day cleanse, I am going to weigh myself each Sunday as part of this journey. I hopped on the scale this morning and I was down 6.2 pounds from January 1st. Now, before we get too excited, this was all weight that I put on over the holidays, and water, I'm sure. So while I am happy to see that I reversed that damage, I am not expecting a whole lot more in terms of weight loss through the end of the month. I have a goal for late spring/early summer, but I am not harping on it. I don't want the pressure.

The past few days, I think I am hungrier due to my workouts. Listening to my body is a learning experience as I am undoing years of false cues and poor eating habits. I am still finding balance and trying to determine the differences between mental & physical hunger, but I'm getting there. It's only day 9 for me, so I hope by day 30 to be more in tune with my body. One of my ultimate goals is to not count, or worry about calories, measure my food or feel anxiety from the scale...ever again!

I did wake up this morning feeling sore (imagine that? Same thing, different day) and I know that a little of this is due to the changes my body is going through with the cleanse, but the majority of that is Insanity. I do feel pretty refreshed and positive again today.
Welcome back butterflies, kittens & rainbows!

Today's workout was Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I still struggled a bit with the soreness but I am not sure I had to rest quite as much as I did when I did it the other day.  I hope to push a little further each time I do each of these workouts.  Like my friend Nicholette says, I felt like a Rockstar when I finished that workout today.

My stomach is looking MUCH better already.  The bloat from the holidays is pretty much gone.  I am starting to see a little (just a little) more definition in my obliques.  By summer I vow to have visible abs.
Hold me to that, would you please??

I already said that I was really hungry again today, and I ate...A LOT.
Get ready for this..

My Day in Food:
Breakfast: I did it!  Skipped the waffle and fruit and took the savory challenge!  1/2 cup cooked organic lentils, chopped peppers, green & yellow beans and sprouted peas, beans & lentils.
Snack: organic brown rice cake w/1T raw almond butter
Snack: Protein shake - 8 oz unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 cup frozen organic cherries, 2 handfuls raw baby spinach, 2T vanilla hemp protein powder
Snack: (yes, another one) celery sticks & hummus, Kale crisps & a few fresh cherries
Dinner: salad with 1T Braggs vinaigrette, vegan baked ziti with spinach and cashew "cheese" (2 helpings!)
Snack: does it ever end?  Yes, I assure you it ends here...Larabar mini (cherry)
Water: 140 oz.

And because today's theme seems to be about excess (lots of food, and lots of typing), why not post a whole bunch of pictures today!!

Breakfast ~ Looks interesting, but was really good!

Vegan pasta bake with spinach and cashew "cheese" - one word: YUM!

You know it's good when he has 2 bowls - and he knew what was in it prior to trying it.

Accountability picture - following my workout this morning.


  1. Debi!!! You are looking AWESOME!!! I'm kind of iffy about the breakfast, but I definitely want to try out that Vegan Pasta Bake!! Looks delicious! Also, how was the baby spinach in your protein shake? I love spinach, but I just can't imagine the taste mixed with fruit...

  2. Well HOT DAMN! You look amazing! I wish I could work as hard as you. :(


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