Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 ~ 30 day Vegan Cleanse

YEAH!!  Day 7 ~ That's a WEEK!

Well friends, I woke up feeling tired again.  I did go to sleep late due to my late workout (TK class) and I did not get enough sleep, which would have been good for muscle recovery. I am very sore!  Insanity is great for the legs...but whew, my calves are so sore it hurts to walk.  You should see me going up and down the stairs, I must be a sight wincing with each step. 

Even though I was tired and sore, I still felt great in terms of my mood.  Still feeling positive and content.

Melissa challenged us to go out of the box for breakfast - have something savory rather than sweet.  I failed this one today.  I will do it another day, but this morning, as soon as I woke up, I was looking forward to my waffle (it's still good even though it's gluten free and made with brown rice flour).  It's just a very satisfying way to start my morning.  I promise I will go the savory route one day this weekend.  Probably Sunday since we're headed out early tomorrow morning for Beachbody's Super Saturday event (YAY!)

My workout today - and it was more of a stretching half hour with squats, lunges and ab work in plank position - was Insanity Cardio Recovery.  I am kind of embarrassed to report that I was silently cursing the whole time, and I could not hold half of the positions without having to stop and relax.  My quads, calves and shoulders are still super sore.  I give SO much credit to all who have completed Insanity.  It is no joke.  I am more determined than ever to finish it.  This truly will be a huge accomplishment.  I sound like a broken record.

I was super hungry today!
Here's my food for today...
Breakfast: gluten free waffle with 1T raw almond butter, 1 large strawberry
Snack: a little salad ~ 1/4 cup white beans, celery, yellow peppers, cucumber, red onion & 1/2T grapeseed oil vegenaise
Snack: protein shake with 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 2T vanilla hemp protein, 1/2 cup frozen cherries & 10 raw cashews.  Plus a few extra cashews and some kale chips.
Dinner: roasted veggies - brussels sprouts, red potato, onion, mushrooms and beets; steamed yellow & green beans; brown rice pasta with garlic, evoo & 1/2T nutritional yeast.
Water: 85 oz
Workout: Insanity Cardio Recovery

One thing that's been enlightening for me so far with this cleanse and on this nutritional journey that I started several months ago, is that I am looking at food much differently now.  Of course I still want crappy food - I sometimes smell chicken and my stomach will growl.  I'll want french fries, chocolate and muffins.  It's the way I have been eating for years and I still crave those things, well maybe minus the chicken because I am fairly positive I will never eat it again.  But just looking through my Vegetarian Times or VegNews magazines, I am finding myself much more interested in trying new foods - things that I would have looked at last year and said "Oh heck no!  You will not catch me eating THAT!"  I am now open to different flavors and textures...and combining ingredients that I never would think to put together because it just sounded strange to me.  

It's opening my eyes and my palate to these new things and that is absolutely an amazing part of this journey.

Dinner - I was so hungry!

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