Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6 ~ 30 Day Vegan Cleanse

~ Day 6 ~

Woke up feeling FANTASTIC!!  Not too tired and I did not have such a hard time turning off the alarm and getting up.  I hope this is how it will feel going forward - that my body is getting used to the earlier rising again.  I did not workout in the AM due to the workouts planned later in the day.

I did not feel that mid-morning crash or the tired, yawning feeling I have had the past two mornings around 10:30.  Sweet!!  I did Insanity day 2 - Cardio Power & Resistance.  Whew, it was tough.  My legs were screaming again. And, because that wasn't enough, I went to my first TurboKick class tonight with my good friend, Dana.  Towards the end there, I thought I might cry my legs were hurting so bad.  The squats at the end during the cool down are what got me.  I might not be able to walk tomorrow...and seriously, how am I going to do Insanity?   Oh goodness...tomorrow's blog post might be interesting.  HA!

One thing I have been working on is trying to eat all meals while sitting at the table instead of standing or in another room (or the car!)  It's helping me to be more mindful of what I am eating.  It's also giving me more time to connect with my girls.  We did not turn on the tv at all during the day today, until late afternoon which is pretty awesome for us.  We're taking steps in the right direction to promote more family connectedness.  See?  This cleanse is more than just eating.  I am using it as a stepping stone to become the person I want to be.  But, that's a whole other post.

I will say that I am starting to feel really good.  It's not just that I feel less bloated, more energy, and am seeing clearer skin.  It's also in my attitude and in my perceptions.  I feel happier, less groggy, more content.  I really feel that getting the sugar and gluten out of my system is helping to clear my mind and allow me to experience things in a more positive way.  That's a pretty awesome feeling!  :o)

And here's my food...
Breakfast: gluten free waffle, 1T raw almond butter, 2 sliced strawberries
Snack: celery, peppers & hummus; kale crisps
Snack: 8 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk with 2T vanilla hemp protein powder & 1/2 cup frozen organic dark cherries
Dinner: large salad with 1T Braggs vinaigrette; smoky chili with tempeh; kale crisps (these things are seriously awesome. I love them!)
Snack: yes, you guessed it, my new addiction, Larabar (Peanut Butter).  Hey, I worked out hard today.  I needed something yummy!  I need to find something else.  Tea will not quite cut it.
Water: somewhere around 140 oz.  (due to the workouts, mainly)
Workouts: Insanity Power Cardio & Resistance and TurboKick class

According to my Bodybugg I burned 503 calories during TurboKick class and around 360 during Insanity.  Whew!!

Here come the pictures!  Sorry, no food.
Looks a lot like yesterday's picture

Here's the protein powder I am using for now

Here's a great article that Missy shared with us about vegan diets becoming more popular and mainstream:


  1. I like your attitude, especially for sitting at the table while eating with your girls and having no TV until late afternoon.

    You truly look awesome, too!
    Love to read your blogs Debi.


  2. Thank you so much Anita! I truly appreciate your kind words! :o)


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