Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Day Mini-Detox: Day 2 Recap

So...how many of you are following these posts, thinking "Is she really going to be able to do this?"  If you are one of those folks, give yourself a high five.  Today was just a strange day and I was craving foods all day long (Hormonal??  Perhaps...)

I started my day with my juice, which was better than it was yesterday because, well, I added sweet stuff.  I had a second one around lunch time.  Inbetween, however, the nuts again.  Ah, they are becoming my nemesis, those mixed nuts.  I told Josh that any other nuts that enter my house must be smoked (because I won't eat those).  Should I tell you now that I have a freezer shelf full of nuts?  At least they're raw...

Back to my day - small handfuls of nuts here and there throughout the day.  I also had a small handful of grapes.  When dinner time rolled around, I didn't have time to eat - I had to get to TurboKick for 7PM and we were outside in this amazing weather with the kiddos until 5:30.  I had Josh grill up all that chicken for the week, so I had about a third of a chicken breast, but no salad.  I'm on protein overload today!

My juice today:
~ Kale
~ Spinach
~ Carrot tops/greens
~ soaked Goji berries (and the water from soaking)
~ 1T Hemp Cacao spread
~ 3 baby Kiwi (they're so stinkin' cute!!)
~ 2 tsp Maca powder
~ small handful of frozen blackberries (because they were kicking around in my freezer)

Goji berries, soaking - I added these along with the water

I bought this at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica - SO GOOD!

Baby Kiwi - if you haven't seen these, they're like the size of large grapes. You don't peel them, just wash them and cut off the ends.

Prior to adding the water, Goji berries & Maca powder.  
Voila!  Today's juice  :o)
Juice #2 while I was working through lunch

Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Day Mini-Detox: Day 1 Recap

Whose idea was this anyway?  Oh, right.  Mine.

I am not brimming with energy tonight.  In fact, I'm feeling pretty tired - and kind of hungry.  After the past two weeks of travel, eating & drinking...it's a big adjustment (shock, really) to my body to be consuming so many fewer calories today.  And I added some extras in because I was feeling a little shaky earlier today.

This is most definitely going to be a day-by-day detox for me.

Here's what my day looked like:
9 AM - green juice
11:30 AM - green juice
1 PM - small handful of grapes and small handful of unsalted mixed nuts
5 PM - huge salad w/tuna
6 PM - more mixed nuts and 1T peanut butter

Let's review - this is NOT what you should be doing!  I'll admit, I should have planned better and been more conscious of what my body needed today.  This is not how my day should look.  Let me explain.  There should have been at least one more juice and a smoothie in there.  And for the love, I need to chill with the nuts!!  This has been one of my problems lately - too many nuts.  They're great in moderation...but I've been abusing them and the scale shows it.  That's a whole other story.  Maybe later...

I did not drink enough water today.  This is also where I have been lacking lately.  I need to drink more water...and if I did like I should, I would not be so hungry and running for the nuts.  I did two workouts - a 35 minute resistance Les Mills PUMP (via Fit & Healthy Mommy - Beachbody Coach) Pump & Burn workout this afternoon, followed by a 45 minute cardio Les Mills PUMP Combat workout tonight.  *Please note that we all have individual workout needs & goals, so you should exercise how you feel most comfortable, and don't overdo it.*  If you do exercise each day, make sure you hydrate before, during and after your workouts. (ahem, Debi)

So, friends, tomorrow will be better.  I promise!!

Hey - at least no sugar or gluten today - BOOYAH!! 

Here's some pictures from today...

Today's juice (prior to blending) - it was very GREEN.  Kale, spinach, baby cucumber, small amount of shredded carrot, squeeze of lemon juice, 1 scoop wheatgrass powder, 2 tsp maca powder and I filled the blender 3/4 full with water.  It made about 50 oz.

Here's the juice, after blending and straining half, leaving the fiber in the rest.  Served with a large bottle of water with lemon.

Dinner!!  HUGE salad with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, red bell pepper, red onion, sprouts and albacore tuna.  I used a raw spring onion (fermented) dressing and mixed it with a tiny amount of avocado oil to make a vinaigrette.

5 Day Mini-Detox: 3/19/12

Hi friends!!

Today starts day one of my 5 Day Mini-Detox.  Just for laughs (let me assure you, I did not laugh) I hopped on the scale this morning.  I never get on the scale.  I think it's worthless.  The number on there this morning confirmed that thought.  Last week was an emotional one for me as I lost a dear family member, I had been traveling the week before, I allowed my emotions to replace my conscious thoughts with food & alcohol for several days.  I am ready to kick the toxins and start this detox.  I find that I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Between now and Friday night, I will avoid alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar and all processed foods.  I'll be having homemade juices, primarily.  My main meal each day, whether at lunch or dinner, will be a large veggie salad with a white protein (most likely grilled chicken - organic, cage-free, hormone-free) and Bragg's Healthy Vinaigrette dressing.  I may have Shakeology a few times this week - but only with water.

You can learn more about my juices, smoothies and salads - as well as how I plan on doing this mini-detox, by viewing the note I posted on my Facebook page here ~~~> 5 Day Mini-Detox by Fit & Healthy Mommy

So - are you in?  Will you join me?  Do it for a day, two days, or three.  Modify to what works for you.  Any way you want to participate - I encourage you to try it.  Post pictures on my Facebook page (your juices, salads, etc), share your thoughts, celebrate your successes, ask questions, get support & motivation.  Comment on my daily blog posts. 

If you would like to ask questions privately, please email me at Debi@FitNHealthyMommy.com

Let's ROCK this week!! 
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