Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 ~ 30 Day Vegan Cleanse

~ Day 18 ~

Today was a day so struggle - both mental and physical in terms of hunger, and some soreness as well.  I felt hungry ALL day long.  I drank water, did other things to distract myself, but the physical hunger was also very apparent today.  I ended up snacking - and I should have made a few better choices, but overall, it was still a good day.

My lower back is hurting a bit from the ab workouts over the past few days.  Ordinarily I would run for the Excedrin Back & Body, but I am not taking anything OTC these days with the cleanse.  I really should be dong some extra stretching or Yoga.

I have been very cold recently.  I know it's winter, and each winter the cold seems to affect me a little bit more.  I layer myself every day - and at night it's fleece pajama pants, two shirts, a sweatshirt or bathrobe and fleece socks or my Uggs.  I sleep with most of that on - well, not the Uggs - and sometimes even the bathrobe or sweatshirt.  One night last week I touched Josh's arm and my hand was so cold it woke him from sleeping.  "But, Debi" you might say, "At least you're not in CT where it's even colder!"  I know, I know.  But, it makes me feel a LOT better to know that some of this extreme cold I am feeling is normal in terms of this cleanse.  Here's what Missy posted when I asked her about this extreme cold feeling (others in our group have been experiencing it as well): "Coldness on a cleanse: This process of eating lighter, clean burning foods is an instant detox even without fasting or any other cleansing. Your blood thickens during detoxification, which causes lymph and blood circulation to decrease.  As well, your body is able to direct more energy to healing when your diet isn’t clogging it up. The body heals from the inside out, which means that internal organs will have increased circulation and oxygen, while the extremities will actually receive less blood flow" Hence, Icy hands and feet!  Relaxing at night in warm jammies with a mug of hot lemon water is soothing and makes me feel very comfortable prior to going to bed.  It's been helping me with that cold feeling.

Here's my food for the day:
Breakfast ~ 1/4 cup steel cut oats, splash of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 2T organic pumpkin puree, sprinkle of cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice, drizzle of agave
Snack ~1/2 apple with 1T raw almond butter
Lunch ~ chick pea veggie burger, chopped veggies with 1T vegenaise & 1T raw pumpkin seeds; kale crisps
Snack ~ more kale crisps - another love affair day - I was snacking on these all afternoon!
Dinner ~ salad with 1T Braggs vinaigrette; 2 bowls Sweet Potato Tempeh Stew (recipe from Missy @ Karma Chow)
Water ~ 125+ oz
Workout ~ Insanity Fit Test #2

I posted my Fit Test results on my Fit & Healthy Mommy Facebook page, but here are my numbers again.  Fit test #1 Jan 3rd (first set of numbers) & Fit test #2 Jan 18th (second set of numbers):
1. Switch Kicks: 42 ~ 53 (+9)
2. Power Jacks: 53 ~ 54 (+1)
3. Power Knees: 62 ~ 75 (+13)
4. Power Jumps: 40 ~ 40 (no change)
5. Globe Jumps: 9 ~ 9 (no change)
6. Suicide Jumps: 16 ~ 20 (+4)
7. Push-up Jacks: 15 ~ 24 (+9)
8. Low Plank Oblique: 55 ~ 60

And, the pictures!
The ingredients for the Sweet Potato Tempeh Stew

After sauteing and adding everything to the crockpot

Ready to eat!  It was FANTASTIC!  :o)

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