Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 ~ 30 Day Vegan Cleanse

Day 10 ~ double digits, 1/3 of the way there!

I would like to start by saying that all of the positive feedback you all are giving me is helping me TREMENDOUSLY with my cleanse.
Thank you SO MUCH!

I do have my mental struggles each day where I want to have chocolate, or Starbucks, or a muffin, or bread...or even just have some of what my girls are having.  But, I have been able to overcome those urges, which for me is pretty awesome.  Like I posted on my Facebook page yesterday, I really wish I had done this last year.  It really could have saved me almost an entire year of frustration, anger, overwhelming feelings and guilt...all of that over something as simple as eating.

I feel good today!!  Not as sore as I have been...and it's even better that today is my glorious rest day from Insanity. Do you know what that means?  I completed my first entire week of Insanity!!! SWEET!!  I opted to do a 10 minute stretch from TurboFire and some biceps/triceps/chest with dumbbells.  Ouch, that didn't last long.  I am somewhat nervous about losing some of my muscle during this intense cardio program, but hopefully my body will regulate with less soreness in a few weeks so I can add in some upper body weights too.

Bonus today: I wore a pair of jeans that I have not worn since 2009!

My day in food:
Breakfast ~ organic lentils with peppers, cucumber & carrots
Snack ~ organic brown rice cake with 1T raw almond butter
Lunch ~ brown rice tortilla with 1/2 cup organic white beans, 1/2T vegan non-soy "cheddar cheese" spread, lettuce & sprouts
Snack ~ Brad's raw roasted red pepper chips
Dinner ~ Salad with 1T Braggs vinaigrette; leftover baked ziti from last night, 1/2 roasted organic acorn squash 
Snack ~ Larabar (Carrot Cake) - it was like dessert!

Here are the pictures of the day!!

Carrot Cake - like a dessert, so GOOD!

Lunch - brown rice tortilla with beans, "cheese", lettuce & sprouts

Roasted organic acorn squash - a slice of love.  Doesn't it look like a heart?


  1. I love acorn squash and yes yours does look like a heart :D

  2. I never thought of lentils as a breakfast food, but that all sounded so good. I may have to try it!


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