Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 ~ 30 Day vegan cleanse

Goodbye day 3.
You've been good to me, and for that, I thank you!

What I really want to say is that I struggled this morning and then again this evening.  When my alarm went off at 5:15 AM, I wanted to punch it.  Okay, that's a little violent.  I just wanted to turn it off, roll over, snuggle back in and return to slumber land.  It was dark out, it was chilly, and I was incredibly tired.  All of this staying up late for the past week has thrown me off.  My body is confused not only from the cleanse and starting to remove some of the sugars and gluten but also with the changes in sleeping.  I hope that after a full week of setting the alarm and getting up to work out that I will regulate and get back into that routine again.

I started the morning off with my lemon water.  Melissa was right - it was GOOD and I did feel a little more refreshed after I finished it.

I opted for ChaLEAN circuit workout this morning.  It was TOUGH.  At some point last week I thought it might be nice to take a few days (six actually) off from weights - why?  I don't know.  In retrospect, it really was not a good idea after all.  I struggled through my workout.  I had to lift lighter than the first two weeks of my Push circuit - and I was still shaking!  I don't think I'll be taking extended breaks anymore.

The rest of the day was okay - I felt pretty tired though.  Instead of my Insanity fit test that I planned on doing this afternoon, I just kind of rested and got some work done.  I was frustrated because doing Insanity is a goal that I want to accomplish right now.  I WILL do that fit test tomorrow.

This evening I was (and am still) struggling a little bit with hunger.  I drank water - still hungry.  Still trying to figure out if it's mental or physical.  Most likely, it's mental.  I found that I was dealing with some mindless eating issues earlier today.  When making the girls' lunch and snacks, I just wanted to pop a pretzel or cookie in my mouth as I was getting their food ready.  First, those are not allowed in my cleanse - for good reason...and second, I am not in a place where I would even want to be doing that.  It's mindless - done without thought.

So, here's my day in food:
Breakfast: gluten free waffle with 1T peanut butter and 2 sliced strawberries.
Lunch: brown rice tortilla with 1T grapeseed oil vegenaise, 3T fresh salsa, 1T Daiya ("cheese"), lettuce
Snack: apple
Dinner: veggie salad w/1T Bragg vinaigrette, 1.5 cup smoky bean chili with tempeh
Snack: Larabar (cashew cookie)
Water - just over 90 oz.  
Workout - ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit 3

Let's not forget the pictures!

Dinner!  Smoky bean chili with tempeh - YUM!!!

My new favorite snack!

Want some?  I might share...if you're nice to me.

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  1. You are doing AWESOME!!!!! Way to resist food temptations, eat clean ALL day, AND get your workout in too!!!! You ROCK, girl!! And, as always, I am totally amazed and inspired by you!!!


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