Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ultimate Reset - Week 1, Days 4 & 5 - Recap

Hi everyone!  Day 5 of the reset here - it's going by pretty fast.  16 days to go!

I was so exhausted last night that I didn't post my Day 4 recap.  I knew to expect fatigue right around day 4 and it's continued into today.  Both days, it's hit me around 1 PM.  I'm grateful that I have two preschool girls who like to have quiet time/nap in the afternoon, so I was able to rest both days.  I'm realizing more and more how critical self-care is in our overall health.  Our bodies work very hard for us every day, day in & day out.  We have to stop and be grateful for that, even if we're not happy with how we look, if we feel we need to lose weight, if we are working on becoming happier/more patient/less irritable.  We're all works in progress, so take the time now to appreciate your body for what it does for you.  Don't wait until you reach whatever goal you're striving towards.

I've been trying to listen to my body for a long time.  However, I tend to let the emotions roll in and plow over my logical thought when it comes to eating.  This reset is really helping me to determine physical hunger from mental/emotional hunger.  I'm finding ways to detour from the pantry & fridge when I'm feeling guilty, stressed, angry, irritable.  I've been focusing more on my breath and counting before I react.  I'm asking myself what else I need at that particular time because it shouldn't be food.  It's a pretty fantastic feeling to work through and avoid those emotional eating binges.

Other than the fatigue, I'm feeling pretty well.  I have not had any headaches because I have never been a big drinker of caffeinated beverages.  I see a lot of other Resetters experiencing those headaches and it makes me grateful to not be a coffee drinker.  I was not overly hungry today and felt satisfied after each meal.  I'm not starving on this program - contrary to what some people might think when they refer to this as a cleanse or detox.  It's about Whole Body Wellness (by the way, have you visited my website Fit & Healthy Whole Body Wellness?)  I'm not only helping my body to release toxins and addictions, but I'm working on finding peace in my mind and heart as well.  I love this!

Ready for the pictures?  Did you scroll through the novel above to get to the pictures?  I won't keep you waiting!

Day 4 - Breakfast - baked tempeh, steamed kale & dandelion greens, 1/4 avocado

Day 4 - Lunch - micro greens salad and zucchini cashew soup with 1 cup steamed veggies added (I'm in love with this soup!)

Day 4 - Snack - 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt and 1 cup mixed berries
Day 4 - Dinner - stir fried veggies and miso soup

Day 5 - -Breakfast - 1 slice sprouted whole grain toast (dry) and 1 cup mixed berries

Day 5 - Lunch - micro greens salad with 2T vinaigrette and 1.5T raw pine nuts
Day 5 - Snack - 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt with 1 cup blue & black berries

Day 5 - Dinner - leftover stir fried veggies, 2 slices baked tempeh and 1/2 cup brown rice

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