Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Day Mini-Detox: Day 2 Recap

So...how many of you are following these posts, thinking "Is she really going to be able to do this?"  If you are one of those folks, give yourself a high five.  Today was just a strange day and I was craving foods all day long (Hormonal??  Perhaps...)

I started my day with my juice, which was better than it was yesterday because, well, I added sweet stuff.  I had a second one around lunch time.  Inbetween, however, the nuts again.  Ah, they are becoming my nemesis, those mixed nuts.  I told Josh that any other nuts that enter my house must be smoked (because I won't eat those).  Should I tell you now that I have a freezer shelf full of nuts?  At least they're raw...

Back to my day - small handfuls of nuts here and there throughout the day.  I also had a small handful of grapes.  When dinner time rolled around, I didn't have time to eat - I had to get to TurboKick for 7PM and we were outside in this amazing weather with the kiddos until 5:30.  I had Josh grill up all that chicken for the week, so I had about a third of a chicken breast, but no salad.  I'm on protein overload today!

My juice today:
~ Kale
~ Spinach
~ Carrot tops/greens
~ soaked Goji berries (and the water from soaking)
~ 1T Hemp Cacao spread
~ 3 baby Kiwi (they're so stinkin' cute!!)
~ 2 tsp Maca powder
~ small handful of frozen blackberries (because they were kicking around in my freezer)

Goji berries, soaking - I added these along with the water

I bought this at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica - SO GOOD!

Baby Kiwi - if you haven't seen these, they're like the size of large grapes. You don't peel them, just wash them and cut off the ends.

Prior to adding the water, Goji berries & Maca powder.  
Voila!  Today's juice  :o)
Juice #2 while I was working through lunch

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