Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Day Mini-Detox: 3/19/12

Hi friends!!

Today starts day one of my 5 Day Mini-Detox.  Just for laughs (let me assure you, I did not laugh) I hopped on the scale this morning.  I never get on the scale.  I think it's worthless.  The number on there this morning confirmed that thought.  Last week was an emotional one for me as I lost a dear family member, I had been traveling the week before, I allowed my emotions to replace my conscious thoughts with food & alcohol for several days.  I am ready to kick the toxins and start this detox.  I find that I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Between now and Friday night, I will avoid alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar and all processed foods.  I'll be having homemade juices, primarily.  My main meal each day, whether at lunch or dinner, will be a large veggie salad with a white protein (most likely grilled chicken - organic, cage-free, hormone-free) and Bragg's Healthy Vinaigrette dressing.  I may have Shakeology a few times this week - but only with water.

You can learn more about my juices, smoothies and salads - as well as how I plan on doing this mini-detox, by viewing the note I posted on my Facebook page here ~~~> 5 Day Mini-Detox by Fit & Healthy Mommy

So - are you in?  Will you join me?  Do it for a day, two days, or three.  Modify to what works for you.  Any way you want to participate - I encourage you to try it.  Post pictures on my Facebook page (your juices, salads, etc), share your thoughts, celebrate your successes, ask questions, get support & motivation.  Comment on my daily blog posts. 

If you would like to ask questions privately, please email me at

Let's ROCK this week!! 

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