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Tropical Shakeology ~ Learn more here!

Wow friends - I'm so fired up about the new Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.  I listened to a webinar tonight hosted by Beachbody and Darien Olien, co-creator of Shakeology.  I'm excited to share what I learned.

First, this new vegan flavor of Shakeology is a blend of strawberry, banana, pineapple, papaya and coconut along with all of the other whole food ingredients that make this one of the BEST whole food supplements that you will find on the market.

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Tropical Shakeology, like its predecessors Chocolate & Greenberry, was created with love and careful consideration to produce a synergy between all of the ingredients.  It is vegan, soy-free and it contains plant based proteins.  It provides a natural energy which in turn helps to reduce cravings and aid in weight loss.  It's loaded with anti-oxidants, essential amino acids and is more easily digested.  For people who may have had an aversion or digestive upset with Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology, Tropical is free of most micro-allergens and should be suitable for most people.

The protein source derives from raw sprouted brown rice.  It's germinated for easier digestion and better absorption.  This is a very complex protein source that has taken about 10 years to assimilate in this complete form.  It incorporates the amino acids found in the bran (outer shell), endosperm and germ.  This provides all 9 essential amino acids.  There is also protein derived from the quinoa, spirulina, chia, amaranth and sacha inchi that are incorporated into the ingredients.  This unique blend of plant based protein is not gritty like some other brown rice proteins.  It has a smooth, creamy texture that really compliments the taste.

There are no added vitamin or mineral  isolates.  Tropical Shakeology is comprised of whole, natural foods.  It relies solely on the vitamins & minerals that occur naturally in the whole foods.  These ingredients are sourced directly from the farms.  Darien has traveled the world sustainably sourcing the purest ingredients from farms.

Spotlight on:
Coconut Flower Nectar ~ This nutrient-rich nectar comes from the flowers of the coconut tree.  It contains amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and some B vitamins.  It's low on the glycemic index, provides slow energy release and is a natural sweetener.

Luo Han Gao ~ This is another low calorie, low glycemic index fruit with natural sweetness.  In Asia, it's been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.  It's an antioxidant, supports the immune system, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, soothes sore throats and can aid in weight loss.

Himalayan Salt ~ This unrefined salt source has been relatively untouched and it contains 84 trace minerals.  Doctors have been saying for years that many diseases stem from a lack of minerals in our diets.  Himalayan salt has been known to create cellular hydration and electrolyte balance.  This is NOT like table salt which is a neurotoxin.  It helps balance the fruit potassium.  Each serving of Tropical Shakeology contains about 70mg which is less than 5% of the RDA.

Konjac Root ~ This contains glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber which produces a thickening effect.  This in turn helps to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar.  It absorbs 200 times its weight in water which creates a fuller feeling - promoting satiety and balancing cravings.

Shakeology Tropical will be available for purchase on Valentine's Day ~ February 14th both in the 30-day bag and 24 packet box.  Be sure to sign up with your FREE Team Beachbody account, with me as your coach prior to purchasing your Tropical Shakeology.  You can do that here: FREE Team Beachbody Account.  Let me support you with your fitness and nutritional goals!

Chocolate & Greenberry Shakeology can be ordered now.  Tropical Shakeology will be available on Valentine's Day.  You can order all of your Shakeology here: on My Shakeology Site.

Be sure to check out my October 2011 blog post Shakeology: What's The Hype? for more information on the whole food ingredients in Shakeology (*note - some of the ingredients listed in that post are not in the Tropical Shakeology, such as the whey protein isolate).

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