Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glow Gluten Free Cookies Giveaway

Did you know that October is National Cookie Month? 

YUM!!  I love cookies...and when I find a cookie that has healthier nutritional content than many (most) of the processed, empty caloric versions we are hammered with in TV commercials & print ads, I get all excited!!  I couldn't wait to share these fabulous cookies with you.

Jill Brack, founder of Glow Gluten Free has extended a generous offer to my Blog, Facebook & Twitter fans.  She's offering 4 - yes, I'm serious - FOUR boxes of cookies.  One box each to 4 separate winners, which means you have four chances to win!  Let's all say...THANK YOU Jill, you ROCK!!

Jill began baking gluten free cookies when she was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Not only are her cookies made with natural and healthy ingredients (such as garbanzo and fava bean flours), they are also made with love.  When speaking with her, I could tell how passionate Jill is about providing a product that not only tastes amazing, but can be enjoyed by thousands of people who are sensitive to ingredients used in traditional baked goods.  Glow Gluten Free offers 4 flavors of cookies - and yes, they are all incredible!! 
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate Chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Gingersnap

Glow Gluten Free cookies are gluten free, wheat free and casein free, all natural, kosher and have no trans fats or preservatives.  These cookies have been featured on Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Self Magazine, and many other publications & blogs.  People are talking about these delicious goodies - and I am following suit.  When I find a product that makes me this happy, I have to share it with all of you!  An added bonus is that Jill is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I am currently studying to become certified as a holistic health coach.  I find it incredible to see where her passion for helping others has led her.

Here's the deal...You want a box of these cookies.  I know you do.  I would if I were you!  If you would like to enter to win a box of Glow Gluten Free cookies, here's what you will need to do - it's only 3 things, can't get much easier!

  1. Like Glow Gluten Free on Facebook:  Glow Gluten Free - Facebook Page
  2. Like Fit & Healthy Mommy on Facebook: Fit & Healthy Mommy - Facebook Page
  3. Post a comment on this blog post or on my Facebook page that you have done these two things.  If you complete any or all of the actions below, post about those as well and I'll enter your name into the drawing twice!

Bonus entry: follow my blog ~~> Fit & Healthy Mommy - Blog
Bonus entry: share this link on Facebook and/or Twitter ~~> Share THIS link
Bonus entry: follow both Glow Gluten Free and Fit & Healthy Mommy on Twitter ~~> Glow Gluten Free - Twitter and Fit & Healthy Mommy - Twitter

Winners will be announced on my blog, via random drawing, on Saturday, October 15th.  Jill will mail the cookies directly to the winners.  This gives you plenty of time to share this with your friends!

Before you scroll down to my favorite section of my blog posts (the pictures), please check out this awesome excerpt from an interview that Jill did with NY Metro Parents.  I love this quote - as if she is speaking directly to me and encouraging me to hit the ground running.

NYMetroParents: What's your advice for a mom who wants to launch her own business? 
Jill Brack: Don't talk about it, just do it. To want something and get it off the ground, it's something you really have to believe in.

Read the full interview HERE

A beautiful box - and no wasteful packaging!  Score!

Looks like a cookie fresh from the bakery - smells delicious too!

Medium Soft texture - PERFECT - (I am not a fan of extra crispy, hard cookies)

Loaded with chocolate chips - such gluten free goodness!!


  1. Hey Debi,
    Love what you are doing! I am currently studying at IIN as well and will be done at the end of the year. Can't believe it went by so fast! I've liked you both on Facebook and on Twitter, and shared the link on Twitter as well, so here's hoping that I will be able to win one of the boxes of Glow Gluten Free cookies! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. I like you as well as Glow Gluten Free cookies on Facebook ! My daughter is Gluten Free so I would love to win a box of these cookies for her!

  3. great blog ! i am an IIN student as well and have liked your pages and shared your links! i look forward to following you for ideas and inspiration :)

  4. Thank you for posting!! I understand that several people have had trouble posting to my blog - I wish I knew why...I'm sorry! But to all who have messaged me, posted on Facebook or mentioned on Twitter - you are all entered into the drawing! :o)


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