Monday, February 14, 2011

A love letter to myself, on Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!  Before I post about what happened at the end of my vegan cleanse - and catch you up on what's been going on since (it's a lot to talk about and I am still working through a lot of emotions & feelings), I'll share something that I think is important for me, in terms of healing and moving forward.

I borrowed this idea from a group that I am a part of on Facebook.  What an incredible idea it was.  At first I thought, I can't do this.  But then after some contemplation, I thought maybe I'd try it out.

This means a LOT to me as I have been feeling very down recently...thanks so much for reading.

~ A Love Letter To Debi ~
Dear Debi,

You are a sensitive, compassionate, empathetic soul.  You give so much of yourself to help others, whether it be through your volunteer work or via your Beachbody coaching.  You have changed lives, you've made so many people smile, and at the end of the the day, there are people who love you deeply.

Your true friends care about you more than you know.  They stand behind you no matter what you are going through - and they do not think any less of you for your faults.  They will always be there to love you, to listen and to lend an ear.  You can lean on them, let them help you when you need it.  Let them support you when you need help climbing out of the trenches.  They love you.

Your family is your life.  You have the most incredible caring, thoughtful, loving and patient (well, sometimes) husband.  Your girls are angels sent from Heaven.  Sure they make you crazy pretty much every single day, but think about those rare moments.  Remember when Korinne crawled up into you lap tonight and laid her head on your chest?  remember when she gave you kisses after dinner?  Remember when Ashelyn gave you not one,  not two, but three kisses at dinner time tonight and then flashed that beautiful smile that's only hers?  How about when Lexi came home with her bag full of Valentines after school today.  What did she color on her bag?  I love Mommy.  Everything she colors, she writes I love Mommy.  Those girls love you more than anything in this whole world.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, you share yourself openly and without hesitation.  You will continue to inspire, motivate and reach out to people for many years to come.  You WILL overcome the hard times that you are currently experiencing.  You WILL rise above and be the mother, wife, friend and leader that you know you can become.

Love yourself, accept yourself and keep sharing yourself with others.



  1. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! This was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes!!! I am ABSOLUTELY HONORED to be called your friend!!! And I am sooooo proud of you for writing this - you are just so precious to everyone in your life!!!! <3 And yes - we all do LOVE you and we will ALWAYS be here for you!!! **hugs**

  2. beautifully written. thanks for sharing

  3. Oh, I am totally choked up after reading the part about your girls. You are awesome! ~Kathleen~


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