Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Go For The Gold ~

2 week Fitness & Nutritional group challenge to enhance your summer routine and jumpstart your fall fitness & nutritional goal planning


July 27th through August 12th 2012

Facebook (secret group) and
Telephone (live or recorded calls depending on your availability)

$12 per person (via Paypal - link below)

Gold, Silver & Bronze “Medals” and grab bag prizes
(Skakeology packets, DVDs, Books, and more!)

Set your sights on the Gold.  For two weeks I will lead a group of participants (that’s YOU) through an Olympic Challenge.  You will be given recipes, meal planning, grocery lists, fitness & nutritional tips and advice, mini Olympic challenges (both fitness & nutrition-related) and a variety of other tools that you can take from this challenge and apply towards your fitness & overall health goals going forward.

The value comes not only in the tools and tips provided in the unlimited Q&A and support by me in the Facebook group, but also in the conference calls (or, if you are unable to dial into a live call, in the recordings of those calls).  Having a group of peers to work with has been proven to be invaluable due to the support and accountability!  Not only will I support you with the fitness & nutrition, but I’ll help you set goals – clear, structured, attainable goals - that you can start working on during this short challenge, and carry into the fall & remainder of 2012.

Really?  Only $12?  YES!  After all, we are celebrating the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Additionally, I want to make this easily affordable for anyone who would like to participate.  It's the cost of a couple of lattes or a lunch at Subway.  You have little to lose and much to gain with this 2 week challenge.

Can you do this on your own without the support & accountability of this challenge?  Sure, if you're easily self-motivated.

Would you be more apt to stick to it and follow the program for two weeks if you spend $12 and participate in the group? 
100% YES!!

Here’s some added incentive.  I will offer the following prizes based on a point system.

Gold Medal:
3 x 1 hour phone health coaching sessions with me
between August 13, 2012 and October 30, 2012.

Silver Medal:
2 x 1 hour phone health coaching sessions with me
between August 13, 2012 and October 30, 2012.

Bronze Medal:
1 x 1 hour phone health coaching session with me
between August 13, 2012 and October 30, 2012.

*These sessions generally run upwards of $50 each via my health coaching program.
*Additional grab bag giveaways will be awarded throughout the challenge and these range in value between $3 and $15.

Working one on one with a holistic health coach can result in increased energy, reduction of food cravings, deeper sleep, weight loss and improved personal relationships.

Questions?  Please email me at or message me on Facebook at Fit & Healthy Whole Body Wellness or Fit & Healthy Mommy.

Pay securely via Paypal using the link below.  A new window will open and you will be directed back to my website once you have completed your payment.

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