Monday, September 12, 2011

~ * Happy Herbivore * ~ Book Giveaway

I am SUPER excited to offer my very first giveaway here on Fit & Healthy Mommy!!

As many followers of my Blog, Twitter and Facebook know, I am a HUGE fan of Lindsay Nixon and her Happy Herbivore vegan cookbook.

Lindsay has simplified veganism for those of us who are curious but not sure how to go about taking the steps to make the nutritional changes in our lifestyles.  Her recipes are not at all difficult to follow, the ingredients are easy to find, and every recipe I have tried thus far has been delicious.  My kids have given the thumbs up on many of the dishes I've presented to them - and my husband, the meat eater, has approved of every recipe I've made.  When he goes back for seconds, I know these are winners.

In short, this book is an incredible resource for families who want to gravitate towards a more plant-based diet, but need simplicity due to busy schedules.

Here's a few things I love about the Happy Herbivore cookbook, in addition to what I noted above:
  • Notes on the benefits of vegan diets and how the lifestyle has impacted Lindsay, personally
  • LISTS!  Pantry, Fridge, Freezer, Spices
  • Kitchen Lingo (descriptions of terms to make them easy to understand - no need to Google!)
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Icons to indicate which recipes are gluten-free, far-free, soy-free, quick, etc.
  • Top 10 Tips from Lindsay
  • Cute little elephant graphics everywhere!
  • I can easily substitute ingredients for things I have on hand, if need be.
  • Chef's Notes for tips and suggestions
Here are some of my favorite recipes
~ Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins ~ I blogged about them HERE
~ Chocolate Zucchini Muffins ~ I made these a few weeks ago and am making another batch this weekend - my girls LOVE these
~ Black Bean Burgers ~ Can also be made with other beans, chick peas, etc.
~ Dirty Rice
~ Single-Serve Brownie ~ one word: YUM!
~ Black Bean Brownies
~ Apple Crisp Muffins
(Yes, I like those baked goods!)

Here's how you can enter the drawing for the book (click each link):

  1. Like my Facebook page ~~>  Fit & Healthy Mommy
  2. Like Happy Herbivore's Facebook page ~~> Happy Herbivore
  3. Follow my blog ~~> Fit & Healthy Mommy Blog
  4. Follow Happy Herbivore's Blog ~~> Happy Herbivore's Blog
  5. Follow me on Twitter ~~> Fit & Healthy Mommy on Twitter
  6. Follow Happy Herbivore on Twitter ~~> Happy Herbivore on Twitter
  7. Share with us - any or all of these:  Have you have made any nutritional changes (or are you planning on altering your diet) that are leading you towards a more plant-based diet?  What brought about these changes?  Why would you like to win this book?
Also, share these links on your pages and ask your friends to like/follow us too!  We welcome visitors and new friends to our pages!!

Please comment on this blog post and let me know which of the above you have done so I can make sure you are entered into the drawing.

If you cannot comment on my blog post, please go to my Facebook page and post under the Happy Herbivore Book Giveaway note here:  Fit & Healthy Mommy ~ Happy Herbivore Book Giveaway note 

Here's a sneak peek of Everyday Happy Herbivore which can be pre-ordered now.  These new recipes will get your meals on the table fast!

Also, be sure to watch for Lindsay's updates on her blog & Facebook page.  She's been posting some awesome information recently!  Some of my favorite posts include her menu plans complete with grocery shopping lists.

*Winner will be posted on my blog on Monday, September 19th at 9PM EST.  Please keep an eye on my blog, Facebook or Twitter to see who wins!


  1. i am a fan of FAHM and of HH. also following FAHM and Happy Herbivore on twitter. i was an omnivore in January, vegetarian/vegan in February, completed a raw week with BRF and now 80% raw vegan.
    ~ Audrey C.

  2. Do we need to leave a seperate comment for each item we do/follow?
    I like FAHM on FB,and like HH on FB.
    I follow your blog as well as HH.

    I am trying to turn my family's eating habits around. I have given up meat, only on special treat moments but don't even like any more. I want to do more. Am always looking, researching and needing new ideas,advise,and recipes.

  3. I follow your blog as well as HH's. :D

  4. I am following HH on fb and twitter and am following your blog!
    I've been a vegetarian for a few years, and follow a mostly vegan diet now. Love HH's low fat quick recipes!

  5. Thank for posting!! So excited to have you participate in the giveaway. Don't forget to like my Facebook page too! Thanks! :o)

  6. I follow you and HH on twitter and HH on fb.
    It is vegan and low fat, why would I not want it? =D

  7. I liked both your page and Happy Herbivore on Facebook! I already follow HH on Twitter, and am now following you!I've recently overhauled my diet and I think this book would be a GREAT resource =)

  8. I subscribe to Happy Herbivore's blog via email.

  9. I subscribe to FitNHealthy Mommy blog via Google Friend Connect

  10. I follow Fit & Healthy Mommy on Twitter

  11. I follow Happy Herbivore on Twitter

  12. I've made a lot of changes to my diet recently. I eat fewer grains and more vegetables and feel better for it. I'd love to win this cookbook to add to my go-to recipes to make each day. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  13. Just started following you on Twitter @parmie
    I became vegetarian four years ago and have been eating more vegan foods in the last couple of years. Since discovering I am pregnant, food has definitely played an important role. I eat more organic and watch the nutritional value of what goes in my body.

  14. I must get this book.



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