Wednesday, August 31, 2011

P90X2: Pre-orders available until 9/5/11 - Don't miss this boat!

WHAT!?!?!  P90X2 - YES!!!

Click HERE to order P90X2

It's almost here.  The waiting, the's coming to an end.  P90X2 can be in your hands by Christmas...but ONLY if you pre-order through me, your Beachbody Coach, between September 1st and 5th.  That's 5 days, folks.  After that, you likely will not see the program on your doorstep until sometime in 2012.  There's a palpable excitement buzzing through the Beachbody coaching community.  You can guarantee that a majority of my teammates, a majority of Beachbody Coaches will be pre-ordering this program.  There's over 50,000 of us.  We want it BADLY

Pre-order it HERE on my Beachbody site

I also want YOU to be able to get it and start it as soon as possible.  The number of pre-order copies is limited due to the demand in time for the holidays and it is projected to sell out in record time.  This long awaited program is OFF THE HOOK.  Josh & I had the pleasure (we were grunting and swearing, but still, it was a pleasure) of working out twice with Tony Horton in L.A. in June.  We did portions of the P90X2 workouts and let me tell you...they are challenging, difficult, and amazing.  You will use your core like never before.  You will perform exercises you never thought possible, much less considered trying on your own.  I left Summit with rug burns on my elbows from Tony's workout...and a super sore core.

Our core is the center of our body.  It powers us through everything we do, and it allows us to sustain the other workouts we do whether it be running, weight lifting, cardio, TurboKick, Zumba, ab exercises, TRX, BodyPump, etc.  We NEED to have a strong core - not only to workout, but to lift our children, to work in the yard, to clean the house, in everything we do that involves moving our bodies.

The good stuff...If you order P90X through me, your coach, I'll tell you the bonuses you'll receive and the benefit to you. 

Oh wait - I'm not your coach yet?  You have another coach who's never contacted you?  Not sure if you have a coach or not?
  Here's your first step ~ Make me your coach by signing up for a FREE Beachbody account by clicking this link:  Make Debi My Coach - be sure to choose the free account as opposed to the Club Membership. 

Not sure if you have a coach or have you purchased a Beachbody product from Beachbody, an infomercial or Amazon at some point in the past?
  Email and tell them you'd like to switch your current coach to CoachDebiM/Debi Mikolowsky.  Give your full name, mailing address, email and if you happen to have it, your customer ID number.  Also, CC me on this email to so that I can follow up accordingly.

Okay NOW the good stuff.  Really!

If you order through me, your coach, you are privy to a few extras that you WILL NOT receive if you order through Beachbody, Amazon or if you wait for the infomercial.  I'm not exaggerating or spewing forth fluff.  This is the real deal.
  • FREE shipping on your preorder.  This saves you between $15 and $40.
  • Automatic sweepstakes entry to win P90X2 prizes.  The earlier you place your order, the more chances you have to win!  Grand Prize - Tony Horton will deliver your prize to your door!
  • A chance to be featured in an upcoming P90X2 infomercial.  Folks who wait to order in 2012 will likely lose this opportunity.
  • TWO additional FREE bonus Tony Horton workout dvd's to compliment the P90X2 program
  • Your order will arrive prior to December 25th
  • Your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.

Here's a preview - don't be scared...get PUMPED UP!

This, friends, is a REVOLUTION in at home workout programs.  You have not seen anything like this before.  These workouts are cutting edge and the intensity is cranked up from what you have experienced with P90X.  P90X2 demands balance, agility and strength.

There are three phases:
Phase 1 ~ Foundation & Core, Balance & Power
Phase 2 ~ Strength, Coordination, Balance
Phase 3 ~ Performance

With the base program, you will receive
  • 12 workouts on 13 DVDs or 4 Blu-ray discs
  • Fitness & program guide
  • Nutritional Guide (with fabulous recipes contributed by Missy Costello!)
  • 90 day workout calendar
  • 2 bonus workouts: P90X One on One: 4 Legs and P90X One on One: Upper Body Balance

Get P90X2 HERE

Taking my Coach hat off for a moment - this is not a program for beginners.  This program is for people who want to take their workouts to the next level.  You *WILL* be a ROCKSTAR after completing the program.  I cannot wait to cheer you on as you hurdle through these 90 days. 

JOIN ME!  I WILL be starting this program right after Christmas.  I assure you I am pre-ordering today (9/1/11)

Questions?  Email me!

Find me on Facebook and ask me there: Fit & Healthy Mommy

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