Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Fall Into Fitness!

I will be running a contest beginning on Friday, September 3rd and continuing through Monday, September 6th @ 11:59 PM. For any new or existing Beachbody customers of mine who purchases either Shakeology or a Workout Program, I am offering some goodies.

(You won't get this on Ebay, my friends! haha!) Everyone's a winner! :o)

Shakeology: For any new or existing customer who orders Shakeology while the contest is running, I will enter your name into a drawing to win a brand new container of Shakeology Fiber Boost and a brand new 30 day supply of Core Cal Mag supplements, along with a Shakeology shaker cup and the Thin Kitchen recipe book (a compilation of recipes including entries from some of Beachbody's popular trainers). These four items are valued at almost $65.00!

**All customers who purchase Shakeology during this contest will get a set of Shakeology recipes and a sample of PB2 powdered peanut butter (best Shakeology add-in, in my opinion!)

For more info on Shakeology Boost:

For more info on Core Cal Mag:

Check out the recipe book here:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Workout Programs: For any new or existing customer who orders a workout program that retails for over $50.00 while the contest is running, I will enter your name into a drawing to win an additional workout program. The winner will have their choice of one of these brand new, sealed programs: Turbo Jam or Brazil Butt Lift.  (Yes, I am serious!)

**ALL customers who purchase a workout program (no minimum value) during the contest timeframe will receive a sample packet of Shakeology ~ Chocolate or Greenberry - your choice! *AND* a sample packet of P90X Results & Recovery Formula.

For more info on Turbo Jam (retail value $59.85):

For more info on Brazil Butt Lift (retail value $59.85):

*Please note: There will be 2 winners: one for Shakeology orders and one for workout program orders, as listed above. Winning names will be by random drawing by none other than Miss Alexis Leigh and Miss Ashelyn B on Tuesday, September 7th. Please note - contest prizes will be shipped 31 days from order date, please don't hesitate to ask me why.

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