Sunday, August 1, 2010

My first Beachbody vendor event!

I have been so busy planning for this past weekend's TotSwap event.  It was fun putting together my presentation binders, getting the raffle basket set up, wrapping the boxes so I could stagger items on my table, creating raffle tickets and Shakeology sample sign up sheets, printing & cutting little signs for my table...yes, I am detailed and fairly organized.  I even set up everything on my dining room table in advance so that I could plan on how I would set up at TotSwap.  Of course, I changed it all around when I actually got there, but it worked!

I had a really fun time this weekend.  While I would not call it a very successful event in terms of selling, I think I made some nice contacts and will build a few solid relationships.  That was a good starting point for me.  It was really great to talk to people about their fitness goals, the things they are struggling with, and making suggestions on things they can do to move forward to become more fit & healthy.  It was funny to see the dads coming over and looking at P90X or mentioning the program.  I need to make moms aware that this is not a program just for men.  I did talk a lot about Chalene's programs (ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire) since those are what I am currently doing, and they are incredibly effective.

Below are a few pictures of my table.  The background is really busy with all of the consignment items, so it's hard to see how my table stood out - but I think I did a fairly good job.  Having a lot of black did definitely stand out from the pastels that were on either side of me.

I'm looking forward to the town fair in a few weeks.  I think that will be a better venue for me in terms of talking to people who choose to come visit my booth and talk about fitness & nutrition.  So exciting!  :o)


  1. those are pretty amazing arms!!! Im glad this weekend went well and i hope you continue to have great success, with your own goals and helping other women! rock on Debi

  2. The table looks nice! I wish I could have seen it in person! Adam & I ended up going on Sun around 1! The pickings were very slim at that point.


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