Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August - I Commit To Stay Fit!

I have been learning so much from other Beachbody coaches in terms of presenting myself and putting myself out there for the world to see - even though I am not quite yet where I want to be, ideally.  About 6 months ago, I thought that in order to be a Beachbody coach I would have to be slim, with a hard, muscular body.  Wow, what a silly thought!!  It's not how I look on the outside.  Of course, it does help to be somewhat fit...but in reality, my personality is what's really going to help people make their lifestyle changes.  I have found that people need support - they need to be able to talk to someone, to share their struggles, to hear that they are doing a great job...and that in time, their hard work and dedication will yield the results they want to see.  Someone laughed the other day when I said "I am a great cheerleader".  It's true though.  I think I am a pretty enthusiastic and motivational person.  I know that I have already helped a few friends to make changes in their lives that they did not think possible.  I know I have cheered them on, supported them, and shared my own struggles so that they would know they were not alone in how they were feeling.  I want to help countless other people feel good about themselves, get fit...strong...and healthy!

All of that being said, sometimes coaches need coaching too.  Last week was super busy and while doing so much, I found myself making some pretty poor nutritional choices (or lack thereof).  I realize how quickly I can slip back into old habits (Hello, Starbucks??) but it's good to know that I can get back on track again. 

The Game Plan in D.C. is at the end of the month...a few short weeks away.  I'd really like to be more fit for that.  This is going to be an incredible which I am really looking forward to.  I'd like to put my best face forward.  So, I decided that with a new month, comes a new mantra and a new perspective.

I took some great advice from Team Fit Revolution, a super successful Beachbody team.  

  • First ~ I filled out their agreement (and had 5 friends sign as witnesses) and I will keep reminding myself this month, "I Commit To Stay Fit".  In the agreement, I set 2 goals to be attained by October 1st...however, I am setting an additional goal to focus mainly on nutrition in August.  I hung my agreement on the wall in the kitchen - above my laptop - so I must see it often throughout the day.  I thought about putting it on the fridge - but quite honestly, if I am going to slip up with my nutrition, it's not the fridge where I will be headed.  It's the pantry...or to Starbucks...or to Weis (they make the BEST muffins ever...which, consequently, I believe are the spawn of evil). 

  • Second ~ In my wallet, where my credit cards & license are, I put my business card - backwards - in the license window.  I wrote "I Commit To Stay Fit" on that so when I open my wallet to pay for anything, there's my mantra, staring me in the face.  (i.e. "Debi, keep up the great work and refrain from making poor decisions.")

  • Third ~ I promised myself I will log into and use MyFitnessPal every day this month - to track my nutrition & exercise.  No skipping days because I feel guilty for eating something less-than-nutritious.

  • Fourth ~ I ordered a FitMinder wrist band from TFR with that little mantra stamped on it.  That band will go on my right wrist - so when I pick up a fork, Ta-Da!!!  There's my reminder - again.

  • Fifth ~ I will be accountable to someone.  I don't know who that someone is just yet, but if you'd like to volunteer, just let me know.

  • Lastly ~ I plan on taking pictures on October 1st.  Having this thought hanging over my head for two months will also help to keep me on track and reinforce these goals of mine.

Am I a little crazy?  Perhaps!  Silly?  Yes, sometimes.  But will this help me to reach my goals and remain accountable this month?  YOU BET!  And, now that I have shared this with anyone who happens to read my blog, I will look like a complete hypocrite if I don't follow through.  So, there you have it folks.  Yes I am a Beachbody Coach...a pretty GOOD one...but, I need to remain accountable and motivated too.  Keep checking in on me for the next two months...and I will report back at least once a week to share my successes and my struggles.  :o)


  1. Debi, not crazy at all! I think this is an amazing plan! I agree - even coaches need coaching some times! We're all human! Best of luck... can't wait to read about your progress!

  2. Awesome and some great advice! Mind if I steal them? ;o) I joined My Fitness Pal and am going to use it daily and the other suggestions you made are great. Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. Thanks girls!!

    Wendy ~ You might consider friending me on MFP - that way we can help each other in terms of accountability! :o)

  4. Debi you are going to rock this! I know you can do it. You have some great goals. Myself right now not so fit but I have been trying to make better choice while pregnant, but I know you can do this.


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