Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Glass Dharma Glass Straws Review & Giveaway - Sweet!

Oh my word, friends.  This is one awesome giveaway!!  My friends at Glass Dharma: The Original Glass Straw have gifted me four amazing glass straws - one for me to use and review and THREE to give away to my followers.  What?!?  Yes, I said it.  THREE straws - which means YOU have three chances to grab one!

First, I'd really like you to check out my review.    I opted to keep the Amber Decorative Dots 9.5mm x 9" straw because the length works well in my 24 ounce Ball mason jars and I like the design.  The straw is thick - therefore it's super resilient as long as I take care of it.  I dropped it in the sink the other day when I was cleaning it and it withstood the drop!  I always wash it soon after using it...with dish soap and a cleaning brush.  (No dishwasher!!)  This handmade (in the USA!) straw is perfect for my juices, smoothies and infused waters.  The design is eye catching but it also serves a great purpose.  If I place my straw on the counter or another flat surface, the amber dots keep the straw from rolling.

We are in a time where plastic is used in EVERYTHING.  Yes, it's great that so many of us recycle.  But there's actually a lot of plastic that either doesn't get recycled at all - or is "down-cycled" (see >> THIS LINK << on Glass Dharma's site for more info on how plastic bags, straws & bottles make up the bulk of our plastic recycling in the US and are the prime culprits in beach cleanups).  There are so many unnecessary items made of plastic that are overloading our landfills, polluting our planet and endangering our environment.

Why not make a few small changes and reduce your carbon footprint?  That's just what I started to do a few years ago.  I started using reusable grocery bags at the store - then worked my way up to large tote bags and insulated bags for grocery trips and other store visits, such as Target, Old Navy, and pretty much anywhere else I shop.  I also swapped my old plastic water bottles for glass Ball mason jars.  I use them for water, smoothies, green juices and even oatmeal.  I found a great company, EcoJarz, that makes lids and metal straws for the jars and I use them often.  When I was contacted by Glass Dharma, I was really excited to give glass straws a try so that I could eliminate the long plastic straws I would grab from Starbucks.

What I love about the glass straws is that first, they're eco friendly.  They're also strong, easy to clean, and they look pretty sweet in my jars.  The edges are rounded and smooth so I have never had an issue with sharp edges on my tongue or lips.  I love the metal straws I have, but on occasion I have experiences a slight tinny feel to them.  With the glass straws, It's a very easy pull with no taste other than what's in my glass.

Cleaning my straw is simple and quick!

I use my Amber Decorative Dots straw pretty much every day!  I love it so much that I want to share these three with YOU - and yeah, maybe purchase a few extra for myself too!

1 x Simple Elegance 12mm x 9" straw
1 x Beautiful Bends 9.5mm x 9" straw
1 x Decorative Dots Sipper 7mm x 6.5"

Here are two ways you can grab one of >>these amazing straws<< ~ You can choose one or both options.  If you do both, you have a greater chance of being selected!

1. Like their page on Facebook:  click here >> Glass Dharma
2. Like my page on Facebook:  click here >> Fit & Healthy Mommy
3. Share the photo from my Facebook page on your personal page - tag my page and Glass Dharma's page AND tell me why you'd like to have one of these glass straws!  If you're so inclined, tell your friends to check it out too.  If they tag you in their repost/share - you will get an extra entry into the number generator!

1. Follow their page on Instagram >> @GlassDharma
2. Follow my page on Instagram >> @FitHealthyMommy
3. Repost the giveaway photo on my IG page (use InstaRepost app or take a screen shot pic and share) - tag me @FitHealthyMommy and hash tag #FitHealthyMommyGiveaway AND tell me why you'd like to have one of these glass straws!  Ditto if your friends repost and tag you - you'll get an extra entry for each friend that tags you.  Don't forget the hashtag #FitHealthyMommyGiveaway.

That's it - Easy Peasy!

**Three winners will be chosen by random number generator on Sunday, July 28th on or around 7 PM EST**  Shipping only to winners in the United States. Good Luck!!

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