Wednesday, October 20, 2010

P90X is not just for Weight's SO much more...

Please see the excerpt below, straight from Tony Horton, as he posted to his Facebook profile.  It really hits home.  P90X is not a program designed solely to help people lose weight.  It's much, much more than that...and he really hits on the many reasons this program (and other Beachbody programs) really do CHANGE LIVES.

Why P90X works

by Tony Horton on Tuesday, October 19, 2010
"I hear 20 times a week - "P90X has changed my life!" I heard it a hundred times in Dallas this weekend. P90X is NOT a workout program that focuses solely on weight lose (which still happens) like most programs. It's not a pill, potion or processed food program to help you look different. Lives are changed because P90X goes much much deeper than smaller dress sizes and lower numbers on a scale. It cuts right to the core of who we can be. Poor eating habits and lack of physical activity keeps us from learning, growing and thriving. P90X grads are complexly different people in every way - after 90 days. Physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually in many cases. 

I'm trying to teach people that short term diets, gismos and gadgets cater to the lowest common denominator. P90X on the other hand, exposes our greatness. P90X grads have moved away from the archaic methods of the past. They know that the numbers on a scale and eating manufactured factory food to lose weight does NOT work and does NOT excite or motivate them. It never did. If it had, these things would have worked long term. Companies with big ad budgets and shinny media campaigns fooled them once, but after P90X they've learned the truth. 

Change is hard for most people because of the lack of authenticity in things they've tried in the past. They bought into the quick fix plan and were disappointed so they make excuses to prevent further disappointment. Pre P90X, people didn't have time. After day 90 they continue to make time because their lives are better. They want to feel good every day. They want their health, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, self esteem and energy go through the roof. They do NOT want the future to be filled with aches, pains, illness and disease. The P90X devotees around the world know that 6 days a week of muscle confusion and healthy food is the only way to get there. They see through the smoke and mirrors and refuse to be fooled again.

Do you want to look good in a dress at a wedding in front of a bunch of people who don't care, or do you want to change your life? If you said yes to the dress go buy somebody else's program. If you want to be super fit, healthy and at the top of your game (for the rest of your life) buy P90X!"

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